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Software Testing & QA

Testing & Quality Assurance is an integral and critical phase of any software development project. Developers and testers must ensure that newly developed products or product enhancements meet functional and performance requirements and that those products are reliable and able to operate consistently under peak loads. The risks of releasing a product that is not yet ready are greater now than ever before because of the change in expectations and demands of the end users.

Our testers have vast experience both in manual testing and test automations of web and mobile apps. Valene Tech Pvt Ltd is one of the few software development companies that offer testing and QA as a separate service.

Why Valene Tech Pvt Ltd?

Our well-experienced QA team with supporting infrastructure and processes can readily assist you with the following.

  • Locate and prevent defects using proven software techniques
  • Evaluate and select appropriate test techniques for your software projects
  • Apply static analysis and a risk-based approach for maximum benefit
  • Incorporate tools and automation to support software testing
  • Utilize Black Box, White Box and experience-based techniques
  • Software tested by neutral third-party for an unbiased recommendation
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