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Cloud Computing

With the need for complex data processing increasing every day, Cloud Computing has become a vital part of computing needs in all the industries. Cloud Computing increases the computing power that an average company can hold by multiple times at an unimaginable cost advantage. The power to add/remove computing resources at any point without downtime has given, the systems today a great paradigm shift.

Procuring and Managing your own infrastructure, while having its own advantages could also result in extremely time-consuming overheads, in addition to huge capital costs. With Cloud Computing everybody has the power to start off with their own virtual cloud server that allows them to use it as they please just as if its installed next room only without any of those overheads of managing physical servers.

At Valene Tech Pvt Ltd, we specialize in a wide variety of cloud services right from configuration, customization and managing your cloud instances. Our cloud services team is highly equipped in handling all kinds of cloud servers and perform various cloud optimization services that enables your organization a hassle free production of your systems.

Cloud Computing Service

Our Cloud Offering :

  • Amazon AWS Cloud Services
  • Rakespace Cloud Services
  • Heroku Cloud Services
  • Engine Yard Cloud Services
  • Cloud Configuration and Installation
  • Instance Management
  • Load Balancing and Configuration
  • Cloud Deployments and Maintenance
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Storage System