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Legacy Application Migration

With the passing time, companies are increasingly facing the challenge of aging and old software applications, better known as Legacy Applications, which are essential for the organization but at the same time prove to be a nightmare to maintain and enhance.

Valene Tech Pvt Ltd Legacy Revitalization Services (LRS) transform legacy software into high-performance, easy-to-use applications designed to respond quickly to changing business needs.

Our LRS methodology starts with an overall assessment of the entire application environment to identify potential areas for revitalization.

The revitalization might include:

  • Technology migration
  • Data migration
  • Legacy version upgrades
  • Technology stack upgrade
  • Framework upgrade
Legacy Application Migration

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the total cost of operations by 30 - 60%
  • Optimize business processes to maximize performance
  • Accelerate implementation to quickly deliver measurable results
  • Minimize business disruption during migration

Reasons for Revitalization:

  • Tightly coupled business processes that prevent you from adapting to changing business requirements
  • Risks associated with running business-critical applications on potentially unsupported hardware and software
  • High cost of maintaining and upgrading legacy systems
  • Longer time-to-market resulting from complex development lifecycles and a lack of productivity tools
  • Demographic issues relating to shrinking labor pool expertise on legacy systems