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To go beyond the client expectations to bring tangible, even stellar, performance to even the best of businesses by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards.

Our Big Data Products

Acelero a plug and play software that enables Data Analytics to run 1.5-3x faster and reduces TCO.

Alenza an analytics engine that conducts data science to provide actionable market insights to client.

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  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Augmented Reality
  • Data Analytics
  • Web Applications

    With more than 2 years of experience in web application development, we create custom responsive websites and provide powerful Enterprise web application solutions that offer highest level of usability, security, scalability and complete browser & device compatibility.

    Our technically competent teams in Hyderabad use only the latest technology to ensure a high degree of efficiency of the web applications.

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    Legacy Migration

    The need for application modernization or re-engineering has increased greatly as legacy software systems, architecture and platforms on which they run become obsolete.

    Valene Tech Services’s Legacy Migration Service helps reuse and modernize your time-tested mission critical applications to newer technologies and strategic platforms.

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    Cloud Computing

    With the need for complex data processing increasing every day, companies focus on maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources and Cloud Computing has become a vital part of computing needs in all the industries.

    We create effective Cloud applications and have deep knowledge on Amazon AWS, Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Heroku, Azure and private clouds to assist you in selecting the provider, Infrastructure setup and deployment.

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    IT Staffing

    We know, for our clients technology is an extension of their business. Although hiring IT consultants is a cost-effective alternative to hiring permanent staff, it is not always easy task to identify the right talent.

    With more than 4 years of experience, we provide outstanding IT staffing solution to companies to meet their unique needs.

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    Mobile Applications

    Valene Tech Pvt Ltd specializes in building powerful, high performance mobile applications for business, communication, social networking and entertainment. We develop mobile applications native to iOS, Android, Windows and platform independent hybrid applications as well.

    Our engineers demonstrate a deep understanding of mobile technologies to offer robust solutions for mobile access to enterprises.

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    Augmented Reality

    Valene Tech Services’s AR team focuses on encircling Augmented Reality and Image Recognition technology for an exciting and mind-blowing audience interaction and brand building through smartphones, tablets and wearables. Our AR services help brands to fascinate their customers in an interactive way for all their brand messaging and promotions. With a strong research team, we provide affordable solutions that fits with client’s reality expectations.

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    Data Analytics

    We have significant experience in creating enterprise-wide business critical solutions based on Big Data Technologies and the knowhow to deliver real benefits to clients. In partnership with Avlino, we offer Acelero and Alenza.

    Acelero is true plug and play software built on Hadoop stack that accelerates and optimizes Hadoop MapReduce framework to reduce infrastructure requirements.

    Alenza is a single end-to-end data analytics platform that provides social media enhancement, predictive analytics, competitive analysis, sentiment analysis and additional insights from existing data.

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    Testing and QA

    Whether it is manual testing or test automation, our QA and Testing specialists have expertise in multiple technologies, platforms and standards. We offer Mobile Testing, Website Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing, Unit Testing and Load Testing.

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  • Legacy Migration
  • Cloud Computing
  • IT Staffing
  • Testing and QA

How We Do

The engineers at our Microsoft technology division have extensive experience in the wide array of Microsoft technologies ranging from legacy classic ASP to the most recently released versions of the .NET framework.

Microsoft technologies still holds a leading share of enterprise software due to their security and reliability aspects. At Valene Tech Pvt Ltd we make it a point to stretch the limits of .NET Framework to develop scalable enterprise grade software.

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The ever advancing world of Java and JVM related technologies keeps expanding at a rapid pace. Our team of dynamic and vibrant Java enthusiasts comes with a background spanning across multiple years in Java over multiple verticals.

With a striving need to bring down the development time while not compromising on the code quality, the world of Java has been the forerunner with constant improvements and new additions like Scala and a plethora of new frameworks built on top of it.

Our developers are always one step ahead when it comes to choosing the right Java stack for the development process.

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Mobile application development has seen a huge leap in the recent years as the smart phones and handhelds evolved. With the major market share between Android and iOS, Android application development using Native SDK or Hybrid development using HTML5 frameworks are on the rise.

It is a particularly daunting task to choose the right stack for custom mobile application development as there are several parameters to be analysed right from the screen size and resolution of the devices to be supported. Our mobile experts carefully analyse these parameters to design the best solution be it enterprise mobile applications or consumer mobile applications.

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As a company that started with Mainframe services as our primary service offering we still have some of the industry's best Mainframe developers. Our solutions have helped huge enterprises on several aspects which directly impacts expenditures leading to huge cost savings.

Our technologists at our IBM development centers combines a wide array of mainframe related technologies like JCL and COBOL with J2EE solutions running on commodity hardware to provide end to end solution for complex problems.

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It is a well known fact that open source technologies are the de-facto stacks for small and medium size companies attributed largely towards the short development time, availability of tools and plugins and zero software licensing costs.

While open source does offer a huge starter kit, its not as simple when it comes to implementation as relying too much or too less on these third party tools can often be a deal breaker. It takes experienced engineers with experience on multiple open source technologies like PHP, Ruby, Python and their ecosystem to effectively make use of these tools and use them to their advantage.

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Big Data is the new age mantra that makes complex analytics and real time analytics possible for medium size organizations at an affordable cost. Analysis over a huge amount of data used to be a herculean task due to the costs involved in storing, processing and aggregating the results but made possible with the emerging framework powered by the hadoop eco system.

Our big data specialists uses the best tools of trade to run complex analytics over unstructured data and perform advanced analytics like providing Predictive metrics and presenting it using rich data visualizations. Our solutions are focussed on running these analytics over several sources with as less computation time as possible.

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Our Work


MediaCAST is an open and interoperable digital content management and video streaming solution. The app has been deployed in over hundreds of K-12 schools and districts has been enriching learning around the country. It is a vast ecosystem consisting of multiple modules that enhances eLearning capabilities of a school and provides various functions of the various users in the system such as Teachers, Students and administrators. Built over a multi stack system consists of multiple cross platform implementation which works in correlation with one another.

Hercules Forwarding

Hercules is an independent web based application on .NET Platform where user can scan and view the documents on the web application using a third party SDK from Dynamsoft. Acts as a one stop solution with integration of all the individual standalone applications into a single web application to have one stop solution. The application has automated Windows task schedulers to process the invoice files, statement files, Pars generation and SQL job schedulers to reduce the repetitive manual work.

Facial Hair League

Facial Hair League App brings together Facial Hair clubs and enthusiasts to spread the word, get more folks to attend facial hair competitions and help raise money for worthy non-profit causes. FHL was built to help organize and support the Competitive Facial Hair community. App has a real-time voting functionality where users can participate on the league functions. FHL has a robust backend application developed using Rails which allows the admin to pretty much control all actions on the front end.

What Our Customers Say

  • Hari P, CEO - Black Pepper
    Black Pepper Technologies - Hyderabad - India
    2014 was a challenging year for BlackPepper, especially with the aggressive marketing campaign schedules combined with a common theme to cut cost and minimize
    turnaround time.

    Valene Tech Pvt Ltd designed a process and built the infrastructure to meet this high demand. They are always willing to meet all our requests for changing timelines. More importantly, Valene Tech Pvt Ltd initiated a fixed price and fixed time model that allowed us to fulfill our common theme. Thanks to their professional teams both at onsite and offshore.

  • Delli Babu
    Nvipani Solutions
    Business Boosters - Hyderabad, India
    Valene Tech Pvt Ltd has played a key role to the success we have achieved. Their deep experience of our business combine with excellent technical resources and a
    seamless integration with their offshore resources make them a powerful partner.

    They have the ability to swiftly cut the core of a request and deliver high quality results. I look forward to our continuing partnership for years to come.

  • Ken Cabrera, Vice President
    Quickview Technologies - Inc - Texas, USA
    My experience working with the entire staff at Valene Tech Pvt Ltd has been excellent. The programming staff has responded quickly to my requests and my project is
    being completed on time and on budget.

    When needed, they make themselves available anytime to assist with support and programming updates. I highly recommended them.