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Mobile Application Development

Valene Tech Pvt Ltd Mobile Application services help you get on to the mobile bandwagon and derive profits you have been missing out in the highly crowded mobile environment.

Mobile & Tablet Development:

We have extensive experience with multiple mobile technologies on all major mobile platforms and device families. Our mobile competency includes developing new multi-platform mobile applications from scratch, porting existing applications to new platforms, creating mobile apps that integrate with existing solutions and much more.

Mobile Application Development Mobile Application Development

Native & Hybrid Mobile Solutions:

Our technology competency covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone across different industry verticals. A native app would be able to support all requested features including integration with built-in PIM apps (email/calendar/contacts). It would also allow creation of an innovative and rich user interface. The downside a native app would be more complex and take longer to build, requiring a separate code base for each platform.

We have equal competency in developing hybrid web applications using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript by utilizing frameworks such as Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile. Hybrid apps are easier to develop and maintain and can be updated instantly making them suitable for smaller mobile solutions.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Web:

Mobile Application Development

We are proficient in Mobile Web with a specific focus on responsive design and HTML5 solutions. Our customers always benefit from our advanced web development experience. Valene Tech Pvt Ltd offers two types of services for those who look for fast and cost-effective presentation on mobile devices.

  • Designing and optimizing websites for mobile browsing
  • Mobile HTML5 applications with native-like user experience

Mobile Solutions

  • E-commerce
  • Social commerce
  • Location-based services
  • Multi-touch

Cross-Platform Capabilities

  • iOS -> Objective-C, OpenGL, SQLLite
  • Android -> Java, OpenGL, SQLLite
  • Windows 8 -> C#, Silverlight, XNA
  • Hybrid -> Javascript, HTML5, PhoneGap, Sencha, Xamarin