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  • Lance Finley
    Firehouse Design LLC
    I am a big fan of Valene Tech Pvt Ltd. They meet deadlines and aren't looking to ding me with minor scope creep charges. They are not my cheapest overseas developer, but are most reliable and knowledgeable.

    Also, they've a deeper talent pool whether I need .net, php or mobile. Finally, they patiently take the time to explain options when relevant; not just order takers. Very pleased.

  • Jonas Nolan, CTO
    F.C Studios Limited - Cyprus, Mediterranean
    Valene Tech Pvt Ltd is a prime example of company that knows how to deliver quality products. Valene Tech Pvt Ltd has been a great asset to us throughout the whole process; starting with design and finishing with a complete shiny product which is 100% free of bugs and implemented on our server.

    We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Valene Tech Pvt Ltd and how much their service became dependable for us. Their kind and friendly attitude alongside a never-ending patience are admired qualities you simply can't find today!. Their attention to the fine details and willingness to listen to our needs and provide us with additional features is extremely important to our company.

    We have received a great product written in very strict rules of coding, security, and nonetheless this product has a great user interface experience, our product consisted of several programming languages together and a somewhat complex database design, but the Valene Tech Pvt Ltd tech team completely understood our needs and were there on the mission to perform as if nothing is impossible.Our team truly appreciates the great cooperation and help from the Valene Tech Pvt Ltd team.

  • Don Falletti
    Group Director, Enterprise Production Systems
    Time Inc - New York, USA
    Valene Tech Pvt Ltd has played a key role to the success we have achieved. Their deep experience of our business combine with excellent technical resources and a seamless integration with their offshore resources make them a powerful partner.

    They have the ability to swiftly cut the core of a request and deliver high quality results. I look forward to our continuing partnership for years to come.

  • Stephen Hackett, VP - Client Services
    Time Customer Service - Inc - Florida, USA
    2010 was a challenging year for TCS, especially with the aggressive marketing campaign schedules combined with a common theme to cut cost and minimize turnaround time.

    Valene Tech Pvt Ltd designed a process and built the infrastructure to meet this high demand. They are always willing to meet all our requests for changing timelines. More importantly, Valene Tech Pvt Ltd initiated a fixed price and fixed time model that allowed us to fulfill our common theme. Thanks to their professional teams both at onsite and offshore.

  • John Fodor PhD, President
    Fodor Films - Newyork, USA
    Valene Tech Pvt Ltd Global Limited has worked for me on my various website development projects. Their responsibilities included requirements gathering, analysis, and the designing of a sophisticated data-based website using a variety of technologies.

    During the course of development, the team has proved themselves to be very dependable and hard working, with solid problem solving and technical skills. I was always impressed by their ability to help enhance the project and I give them kudos for completing the works assigned to them on time. I look forward to working with them on future projects.

  • Todd Black, Director, Postal Operations & Systems
    Time Inc - Newyork, USA
    As one of the largest mailers in the world, my company has complex business needs. I feel fortunate to have Valene Tech Pvt Ltd as our strategic partner in enterprise systems design and support.
    With their strong leadership, no challenge is too big for Valene Tech Pvt Ltd.
  • Ken Cabrera, Vice President
    Quickview Technologies - Inc - Texas, USA
    My experience working with the entire staff at Valene Tech Pvt Ltd has been excellent. The programming staff has responded quickly to my requests and my project is being completed on time and on budget.

    When needed, they make themselves available anytime to assist with support and programming updates. I highly recommended them.

  • Rushikesh Bhatt,
    EROS Electricals - Dubai, UAE
    Our association with Valene Tech Pvt Ltd started around August 2013 to develop and enhance our Service Center Application. The journey is immensely satisfying, with on time Milestones achieved.

    Thorough understanding of Business Process and translating them to User Friendly Applications has been a strong point at Valene Tech Pvt Ltd.

  • Scott DeSimone,
    Really Great Reading - MaryLand, USA
    I have worked with many developers/programmers over the years, and my experience with Valene Tech Pvt Ltd has been among the best. They are thoughtful about all phases of the process; planning, project management, execution and tweaking.

    Everyone whom I have encountered at Valene Tech Pvt Ltd has been very smart and hardworking. During the planning phases, they often ask targeted and relevant questions, so you know they “get it”. It’s nice to have a developer that can understand complex projects and execute them well. When I change the scope of the project, or throw them a new complexity, they never seem fazed. I would recommend them to anyone.