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Data is everywhere. Unlocking insights into data through the use of prediction algorithms, text mining, rule systems for statistical scoring engines, and recommendation engines opens new opportunities for customer acquisition and competitive advantage.

However, the key challenges for implementing analytics solutions include sorting through a myriad of technologies, hiring hard-to-find talent, and most importantly a significant capital expenditure to buy servers and software or high operational expenditure to lease expensive infrastructure from cloud service providers. These challenges get further accentuated for small and medium sized businesses, which can benefit from analytics, but cannot sustain the investment required.



We built Alenza to help you find your needle in the haystack before your competitor does. Alenza is an “Analytics as a Service” delivery platform to which clients subscribe. The Alenza platform generates and delivers marketing insight that leads to an actionable plan of sales growth. A single, end-to-end data analytics platform implemented as a turnkey solution, Alenza helps leverage data in many different ways:

  • Social media enhancement
  • Predictive analytics
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Additional Insights from your existing data
  • Brand Awareness and Brand Building
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Management ready reports that are easy to read, interpret, and in any format necessary.

Why Alenza?

  • A comprehensive analytics platform
  • 360-degree view of brand, customers, and campaigns
  • No need to invest on additional hardware or software
  • No need to hire a team of data scientists or analytics experts
  • Customized reports tailored specifically for the company that provide meaningful insights and easy to understand visualization